Special Applications

telescopic sliding gates, bi-flold gates,
sectional gates and trapdoors & others

Telescopic sliding gates and doors

Telescopic sliding gates or dual sliding gates are sliding gates in 2 sections sliding in the same direction at the same time, they are twice as fast as normal sliding gates and require, just a little over, half the space that a single sliding gate needs to open. With these gates, we can achieve a wider driveway opening within your overall property width,
this could mean the difference of getting two cars off the street or at the very least one.

Bi-Fold gates and doors

Bi-folding gates are swing gates or doors that come in 2 parts reducing the amount of space required when swinging open, ideal if you don’t have the space for a sliding gate, we use a tracking system either on the ground or overhead to support the gate through the entire movement, the advantage of doing it this way over a trackless system is the extra support given to the hinges which, in turn, provides a uniformed guide from open to close achieving a solid lock.

Sectional sliding doors

Sectional sliding doors are something else again, if you have no space for telescopic or bi-fold gates, we can slide it round the corner
and up the side, basically like a sideways garage door. this particular example has a track on the bottom and a guide on top.

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