We supply and install high quality, custom built gates, specifically for automation, in Sydney

Timber gates

Timber gates can offer a softness as well as privacy to a homes frontage. Most of these gates are made from Western Red Cedar, mainly because of its dimensional stability, it is naturally resistant to insect attack, decay and has excellent sound absorption qualities. Ideal for a busy roads traffic noise with an insulation value higher than most timbers and much higher than concrete or brick. Steel frames can be incorporated into the design for added strength and rigidity.

Automatic timber gate
Western Red Cedar Gates & more....

Metal Gates

Steel, wrought Iron, aluminium and stainless steel all have their different attributes depending on the style and design. Modern wrought iron is generally a combination of tubular steel and solid cast or forged decorative components to replicate the antique look. When hot dip galvanised, these gates will out live alloys. More contemporary styles may call for highly polished stainless steel or aluminium with it’s straight lines and ever expanding range of local and imported extrusions.

Automatic steel gates
Wrought Iron, Steel and Aluminium Gates

Commercial and Industrial Gates

Generally a lot larger and more security driven than the domestic applications as these properties are often vacant on weekends where vandalism and brake ins are a real issue. They also provide a barrier between a potentially dangerous environment and the general public.

cantilever sliding, swing gates industrial
Commercial and Industrial Gates

Special Applications –
Telescopic gates, Bi-fold gates & more

A variety of automation solutions that address space restrictions on the smaller property to achieve a maximum driveway width can be engineered to suit most situations, telescopic sliding gates, bi-fold swing gates and sectional sliding gates are all possibilities you may need to consider to get that car off the street.

telescopic, bi-fold and sectional gates and doors
Telescopic, Bi-Fold, Sectional Gates & more...
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