Hybrid Kits 

We generally try to use the best equipment available so we combine the best motors with the best electronics to make up our own kits. Most of the systems we install in Sydney would have V2 electronics involved, sliding gates would have V2 remotes, swing gates would have V2 remotes and control units.
V2 City 1 EVO – 240VAC digital control unit for single,
double swing or sliding gate motors

city 1

Total Control – 240V
V2 – City1 Evo
The most advanced
electronic control on the market, for 240VAC motors –
LED display, multiple safety inputs for both open and close directions,
independent torque, travel and obstacle detection for 2 motors.
Semi automatic or fully automatic
USB and Bluetooth programmable
IP 55 enclosure for outdoor use
V2 City 2+ 24VDC
digital control unit for single, double
swing or sliding gate motors

v2 city2

Total Control 24V
V2 – City2+
Similar to the City 1 but for 24VDC motors
LED display, multiple safety inputs for both open and close directions,
independent torque, travel, ramp up, ramp down and obstacle detection for 2 motors.
Semi automatic or fully automatic.
Battery back up available, Bluetooth programmable
IP 55 enclosure for outdoor use


Modules available for both City 1 and City 2 control units
MR2V2 – MR2 4 channel plugin radio
receiver – programmable
1008 unique code memory
LuxV2 – Lux2 + plugin module for Courtesy lights, traffic lights or electro-brake
WesV2 – WES ADI module for radio control of Wes Safety edges
Battery PackV2 – Battery Pack back up module for 24VDC systems

Remote controls

High security, hand held remotes fully programmable with unique transmission codes
v2 phoxV2 – Phox 2 and 4 channel remotes
Multiple colours available
v2 KehoV2 – Keho rugged remote, durable brushed metal insert, carbon fiber look
v2 OldtxPhoenix, Handi and Moove
Backwards compatible with previous V2 remotes
v2 pmr sirmoV2 – PMR 2 channel, PMR 4 channel, wall mount wireless push buttons and Sirmo Digit 4 channel wireless keypad
v2 WallyV2 – Wally 1, 2 and 4 channel stand alone radio receivers allow you to operate multiple devices with a single remote,1008 unique code memory.Momentary, off / on or timer, IP55 for outdoor use

Remote Administration and User Control

We can easily manage remotes and users, on site and off.
pcV2 – Administration software and hardware for the of control lost, stolen or broken remotes
We are the only company in Australia, endorsed by V2 Italy with 2 contracts to program and administer V2 remote access, we can log, document and distribute replacement “clones” if your remote is broken but still in possession or we can “substitute” and delete remotes if they are lost or stolen, All from our office without having to go on site, saving you money on callout costs and site labour.
excelExcel spread sheet documentation
of administered remotes and individual user assignments for Strata and Real Estates.
We generally log remotes as part of our service to each of our new clients so it’s easy for them to order additional ones over the phone.
Great solution for Strata and Real Estate companies, apartment blocks and industrial estates with a migrating rental or labour population who may or may not return their remotes at the end of their tenancy or employment.
We can usually restrict access within a 24hr period without leaving our office.

Electronic Safety Equipment

In Europe it is mandatory to have safety beams installed on all automatic gates but no such regulation here in Australia, designed to stop gates from closing if there is a car, person or even a pet within the gates line of travel, we strongly recommend using them – much cheaper than your insurance excess for motor vehicle repairs, public liability or personal injury. We will not initiate fully automatic mode without them.
pe beamsPhotoelectric safety beams –
transmitter to receiver type
v2 shieldIndustrial –
Vandal resistant photocell
Light CurtainMulti beam – Light Curtains
Roger loopLoop Detectors can also be used to open gates
GardoV2 – “Gardo” column, photocell enclosure

Alternative access control

Key pads, timers and intercoms
Rosslare digital access control keypads – 500 users
Lockwood compatible key switches
digtimer7 day – digital timer fully automatic
ross time switchRosslare time delay push button for electric latches
bollardCustom made control bollards

Audio Intercom


audio intercomAiphone DB and IE series Audio Intercoms

Basic Video Intercom

JO-JK intercomAiphone JO and JK series Video intercoms

Expandable Video Intercom

JPAiphone JP series Video intercoms expandable
to 8 rooms, 3 doors, 7 inch touch screen

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