The “tele-Mech”® dual sliding gate system is the most compact,
easy to install system for automating telescopic gates on the market.

Proudly developed and manufactured in Australia by SAS Autogate,
we ship nationally and world wide to Trade, Builders and D.I.Y.

The “tele-Mech” ® dual sliding gate system
provides the ultimate space saving
solution for wider driveways.
The “tele-Mech” ® dual sliding gate system provides the ultimate space saving solution for wider driveways.
Simple design and easy to install for
professional or D.I.Y.
Unique, patented anodized aluminium extruded guide channel system that can be customised to allow for timber cladding, pickets or wrought iron spears.
Easily assembled and cut to desired length.
For driveway openings up to 7.3M.
Custom sizes available upon request.

Complete Gate Kits

Including motors, remotes, safety devices and other associated hardware available upon inquiry. Unfortunately we don’t manufacture gates, we have them made for local installations only.


Telescopic Sliding Gate System

The “tele-Mech” ® Dual sliding gate system is an ideal
solution for restricted areas.

Single sliding gates require the entire driveway width + 300 to 400mm for them to open fully, while a dual sliding,
or telescopic gate, only requires a little over half, giving you a wider driveway opening over all.

This is a standalone system which can be mounted to any style of gate you may choose
These gates also travel twice as fast as normal gates which is great for getting on and off busy roads
– safety devices are highly recommended.

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For further instruction and/or advice, on setup, assembly or whether this product is appropriate for your project, we are only a phone call away – 1300 735 818 or you may wish to send us an email with drawings of your proposal, we will be more than happy to help.

pdfDownload Instruction/ installation Manual V5.3
dual sliding gate hardware
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